The Center for the Innovation Workforce is looking for student trainees, mentors, and businesses that are passionate about creating jobs and making Northwest Florida highly competitive in this innovation economy.  Our innovation labs offer a project-based learning environment for learning how to use the tools of innovation while working on projects for local and national companies, non-profit organizations, and governments.  Decide which innovation lab (AI, Robotics, IoT, VR/AR/MR, Computing Concepts, and Data Science) that you would to learn in or support.  Below, click on the link that corresponds to how you would like to participate. It will take you to a short intake form to fill out so we can contact you!

Startup Founders

The Kukua Institute’s newest program, Startups on the Blocks, is a network platform that seeks to empower founders of color with the know-how to turn their ideas for solving problems into products and services. Local, state, regional, national, and global entrepreneurial ecosystems support founders in building their startup with mentorship, best practice training, networking, office space, and funding resources. This event is the first of many weekly startup services to support founders of color.

Student Trainee

Project-Based Experiential Learning is the best way to get experience and one-on-one mentorship regarding your career.  We are looking for student trainees in all career fields to work on projects in our innovation labs (AI, Robotics, IoT, VR/AR/MR, Computing Concepts, and Data Science).

Become a Mentor

Mentorship with the Center for the Innovation Workforce gives individuals an opportunity to work with student trainees and other industry professionals as they guide students on the steps to a successful and fulfilling career in their desired field.

Business Partner

You or your company get involved by creating and or sponsoring projects in one or more of the innovation labs.  Student trainees can build AI models or do data science projects with your data.  Let us know if you have unique projects that students can participate in, please, take a moment and share your ideas.  Business Partners provide projects that our group of student trainees can receive practical experience using industry tools.


The Center for the Innovation Workforce can always use a few extra hands to get work done. Be a part of the behind-the-scenes and spotlight of how tech education will explode in Northwest Florida. Perfect for community service hours as well as nurturing your interest in the latest in tech industry knowledge.

AI Data Center Project

The vision for the project is to create an AI-empowered workforce to support innovation in NWFL. No knowledge of or experience with AI is required to participate in the project. You are a good fit to volunteer if you have skills in any of the following areas:
1. Coding
2. Cloud
3. Scripting languages
4. Virtual Networks
5. Cybersecurity
6. Developing courses
7. Project management

If you have any questions please email the Director of Programming, Lloyd Reshard.