Our Computing Concepts STEM Lab facilitates experiential learning for  students K-20. Our current STEM programs are as follows:

Real Blocks: Take a stroll through the historic Belmont Devilliers (i.e. the “Blocks”) and learn who lived and worked on the  “Blocks” in the early 1900’s… all through VR

The CHARLIE Project: Learn how to program Charlie, a humanoid robot. He can see, hear, talk, walk and dance. CHARLIE is an acronym for Connecting History and Robotics Learning Innovation Education

Scholars on the Blocks: Learn about careers and how to do research while advancing your scholarship through art, history, science and technology. Develop positive behaviors associated with teamwork, diversity and community-building by exploring career fields

Block Bots: Learn how to program manufacturing robots. Students enhance math and science skills beyond the classroom while developing skills in problem-solving, discipline, teamwork and patience

AI on the Blocks: Learn AI through experiences. Meet Cozmo, he will help you learn about AI. Experience using AI for vision recognition, landmark-bsed navigation, speech generation and speech recognition.

These community based programs are funded through donations.